Occupational & Hand Therapy

Occupational & Hand Therapy

At Western Ontario Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation Centre, we offer a complete range of Occupational and Hand Therapy options to help you prepare and return to life following an injury. We can work directly with your hand or plastic surgeon to coordinate your treatment and ensure your recovery is targeted, safe, and effective for what you need. We can also help you with products and techniques designed to prevent injuries and conditions before they become more serious problems

Our Occupational/Hand Therapy services include:


A custom splint from Western Ontario Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation Centre can help support your hand allow you to heal or work more effectively and much more comfortably. Our Occupational Therapist is experienced in fabricating static or dynamic custom splints that fit you. These splints can help with injury recovery, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, arthritis, post operative care and more. We can customize a splint for your hand that will allow you to work with more ease and support your hand regardless of the condition you are working through.

Industrial Rehabilitation:

When you sustain an injury on the job, you need the right treatment to recover and return to work safely. Whether the injury impacts on your hands, shoulders, knees, or any other muscles or joints on your body, we want to make sure your recovery is as effective as possible.

Our experienced clinicians have helped patients recover from a wide variety of injuries, focusing their rehabilitation program specifically for them and their injuries. Plus, we can help you navigate WSIB compliance, including all documentation, so your recovery time is spent on getting better and helping you experience a smooth transition back to work. For more information, contact us today.

Functional Abilities Evaluation:

A Functional Abilities Evaluation is an assessment performed by our Occupational Therapist to determine your ability to perform specific kinds of work. This evaluation measures factors including range of motion, physical strength, endurance, fitness, and more, and also factors in your personal medical history. A Functional Abilities Test can be a requirement for many physically-demanding jobs, and Western Ontario Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Centre’s Occupational Therapist can help you get a complete and extensive evaluation to not only meet the requirements of an employer, but also identify where future problems or what areas you should consider strengthening or working on further.  For more information on a Functional Abilities Evaluation from Western Ontario Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation Centre, contact us today.

Work Conditioning:

When returning to work following an injury, your requirements can go beyond just traditional therapy, and insteads needs to include work conditioning to help prevent future injuries and ensure that you are up to returning to work at full capacity. Work conditioning programs are a combination of strength and conditioning exercises designed around the needs of your job. We work with you to develop a program that targets the areas that are most impacted by your work, and tailor the exercises around strengthening and restoring function to those areas.

When you come to Western Ontario Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation Centre, we evaluate you to understand your strength and conditioning situation and your work conditions and tailor your work conditioning program just for you. The number and length of your work conditioning sessions are determined after an initial evaluation with our professionals.

For more information on how we can work with you on developing a Work Conditioning program, contact Western Ontario Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation Centre today.