Concussion Therapy

Concussion Therapy

Concussions are an increasingly-prevalent concern for those involved in sports, but this type of injury isn’t just a risk for athletes –  concussions can occur in any walk of life, and have to be taken seriously and treated correctly.

Western Ontario Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation Centre has physiotherapists who are Shift Concussion Management Program trained. This means that our professionals have undertaken extensive training in the treatment of concussion patients to help them recover safely and effectively from this type of injury, and to identify when it is safe to return to normal activity. Being trained in this program also allows means that we stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the treatment and rehabilitation from concussions and use that expertise to better help our patients. We work to properly assess and monitor all of our concussion patients, and to guide them through the proper steps to recover safely and effectively.

Our team is also trained to perform imPACT Preseason Concussion testing to establish your baseline cognitive testing. Return to play is determined not only by resolution of physical signs/symptoms but also cognitive recovery. This is where this test is vitally important as cognitive recovery often takes longer than physical recovery. If injured, this test can in part help gauge and guide the management of your concussion rehab and help ensure you are ready for return to play or have returned to baseline cognitive function. Return to play is always determined in consultation with your primary physician.

For more on all the ways that we can help you with your concussion rehabilitation, contact us today.